Promoting Physical Activity in Schools For Better Results and Healthier Lives

Schools at every level are busy. No matter your role, you are under pressure. There doesn’t seem to be enough support for prioritizing physical education and physical activity.

With Active Schools, you have that support. You can get the information, tools, and help you need to promote activity through physical education and recess, and in the classroom. More physical activity in schools leads to:

  • More academic success
  • Higher student involvement
  • More student energy
  • Better emotional and mental health
  • The foundational steps toward lifelong healthy habits


How We Work Together

Active Schools isn’t about donations or petitions: it’s about collective impact. When you become an Active Schools Champion, you lend the strength and encouragement that others in your school need to join. You create proof of the importance of movement. You enlist parental support.

You don’t need anything to become a champion. It comes with no obligation. But it gives you and others the opportunity to do more. That’s how we move, together.

Equity of Opportunity at All Levels

There’s no cut-off age for movement. Students at every age need space to move, to stretch out, and to engage in structured and unstructured activity time. We know that no matter your age, movement sharpens your body and strengthens your mind. That’s why our initiative focuses on students at all levels.

Elementary School

We live in an era when play is disappearing. But play is essential. Kids learn by moving. It’s time to make sure our students have the time they need to be kids, and to start to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Middle School

A period of rapid growth requires time for active movement. Making sure there is activity time and physical education for middle schoolers helps them throughout the school day.

High School

Too often, high school students aren’t getting the physical activity they need. We can help you get the resources you need to help young adults stay healthy, stay focused, and create better habits.

Apply for a Grant Today

Our partners are all about getting you the resources you need to increase movement in your school. Find the grants that are right for your school today.

Getting Started to Get More Buy-In

Every movement starts with a single step. By becoming a Champion, you can get more information about programs, resources, and grants. With that, you can get more people to become champions, and get more buy-in from teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, and more.

You have the desire to create change. Joining the movement gives you the tools to make it happen.

School News and Stories

Every day across the country, schools at every level are encouraging and promoting movement. Here are some of their stories. View all.

Change Your School. Change Lives.

Today’s movement becomes tomorrow’s success. Improve the lives of your students by becoming a Champion.