Principals Are at The Center Of A Movement for More Activity

Principals have unique responsibilities to school boards, teachers, and families. But that means you are uniquely positioned to create the conditions where physical activity is a regular part of your students’ education.

When you join the Active Schools movement, you can:

  • Empower your teachers with the right tools, training, and confidence they need to introduce movement and exercise into their classrooms.
  • Support your physical education instructors with access to the equipment, space, and programs they require to provide the best education.
  • Receive support from outside organizations who provide valuable training, program material, and implementation tools for your school.
  • Convince parents and the board that activity and physical education is vital to a child’s overall health and receive the support you need to promote it.

Collective impact means gathering people together for a common cause. We all know how important increasing physical activity in children is. You can bring everyone together to make it happen.

What Joining The Active Schools Movement Means For You

There’s nothing to joining the Active Schools movement. There’s no commitment, no obligation, and never any cost to you or your school. There are only benefits:

  • A newsletter with free resources, training, special offers from our partners, and cutting-edge fitness programs from nonprofit organizations.
  • A network of schools, NGOs, athletic companies, and parents who want to promote activity in the next generation.
  • Join the growing ranks of people who are promoting health in the next generation.

We’re not an organization. We don’t need you to join us. We just want you to add your name to an organic movement of leaders like yourself. Together, we can improve outcomes for all our children.

Active Kids Make Better Students and Better Schools

As a principal, you know that physical activity and education isn’t an afterthought. But in an era of slashed budgets and testing pressure, it is often the first thing to be cut. But activity supports every aspect of a child’s development.

When you join the Active Schools movement, you’ll have access to resources and support to show parents, school boards, and teachers the importance of movement. You’ll show how physical activity supports:

Academic Benefits

CDC research has shown that physical activity leads to increased concentration and attention, improving classroom behavior, capacity to learn, and potentially increasing test scores.

Emotional Benefits

A child who is more active has an outlet for their energy, has a chance to develop new social and interpersonal skills, and can find activities they enjoy, leading to higher emotional satisfaction.

Physical Benefits

Beyond the immediate physical benefits, physical education promotes healthier habits that can carry through in life, creating better health outcomes and a path toward lifelong wellness.

Joining The Active Schools Movement Gives You Tools For Broader Participation

No decision is made in a vacuum, and no change can happen alone. When you join the movement and become and Active School Champion, you have the tools to bring others into the network.


Parents want their children to thrive in all aspects of their education without drawing away vital resources. You can get them involved in making a change in their children’s lives.


Classroom teachers need to know that promoting active learning helps them meet their goals of higher test scores, better-behaved students, and a positive, enjoyable learning environment. Physical education  teachers need to know that their work is a valued part of a students overall education.

School Boards

School boards can be moved by the collective impact and of parents joining with schools to create better academic, emotional, and physical outcomes. It’s how we learn to vote with our voice.

Active Kids Learn Better!

Did you know? Classroom teachers can contribute to their students’ need for movement while simultaneously teaching and reinforcing academic concepts. The benefits of physical activity breaks in the classroom are endless.

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Lead Your School In Movement

We all want healthier children. As principal, you have a powerful place in a national network of like-minded activists. With you, we can change health outcomes for the next generation.


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