Physical Education Teachers Are Paving the Way for Active Futures

Physical Education Teachers are at the forefront of helping students meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day. But your role in keeping kids active and healthy stretches well beyond that. PE teachers often wear many hats and many have unique responsibilities to act as the physical activity leaders and health educators in the school. But that means you are uniquely positioned to help kids grow into physically literate adults.

When you join the Active Schools movement, you can:

  • Empower yourself with the latest tools, training, and confidence you need to continue providing quality physical education.
  • Support your students with access to the equipment, space, and programs they require to thrive.
  • Receive support from outside organizationswho provide valuable training, program material, and implementation tools for your school.
  • Convince parents and the boardthat activity and physical education is vital to a child’s overall health and receive the support you need to promote it.

Collective impact means gathering people together for a common cause. We all know how important increasing physical activity in children is. You can bring everyone together to make it happen.

What Joining The Active Schools Movement Means For You

There’s nothing to joining the Active Schools movement. There’s no commitment, no obligation, and never any cost to you or your school. There are only benefits:

  • A newsletter with free resources, training, special offers from our partners, and cutting-edge fitness programs from nonprofit organizations.
  • A network of schools, NGOs, athletic companies, and parents who want to promote activity in the next generation.
  • Join the growing ranks of people who are promoting health in the next generation.

We’re not an organization. We don’t need you to join us. We just want you to add your name to an organic movement of leaders like yourself. Together, we can improve outcomes for all our children.

Apply for a Grant

You might be too busy to scour the web for grants and contributions. We’re not. We’ve collected them for you. Find one that will give your school the tools it needs.

We are incredibly disappointed to cancel Summer Training Camp 2020 due to uncertainties around summertime large gatherings and travel. We hope to see you at camp in summer 2021!



Bring PE to Your Family Week October 19-23, 2020

Due to the current health environment, instead of conducting Take Your Parent to PE Week this September, we are celebrating Bring PE to Your Family Week from October 19-23. This approach comes with silver linings. Families can conduct their PE lesson at a time of their choosing, which will allow for all family members to participate. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their age-appropriate leadership skills by planning and facilitating a lesson with guidance from their teacher. We are partnering with OPEN to create fun and engaging instructional content to help students bring PE to their families. Sign up below and stay tuned for activities, videos, and advocacy resources.

PLEASE SIGN UP HERE. WHY? Because Active Schools can bring more media attention to Bring PE to Your Family Week, and physical education in general, when we are able to report a large number of participating schools.

News and Resources

Get cutting-edge research, health insights, and the knowledge you need to promote better health outcomes and the Active Schools movement.

Lead Your School In Movement

We all want healthier children. As a physical education teacher, you have a powerful place in a national network of like-minded activists. With you, we can change health outcomes for the next generation.