What It Means to Be An Active Schools Champion

Being an Active Schools Champion means joining a network of parents, schools, and partner organizations who are changing the way we prioritize physical activity in schools. It means making connections. It means accessing valuable resources. It means creating healthy habits in kids that last a lifetime.

It’s free. There’s no obligation. There’s no downside. But there is a big upside: you are adding your voice to the cause – and making a difference.

Access Valuable Resources

As a Champion, you will receive our newsletters filled with free resources, grants, program materials, tips and more. You’ll learn how to advocate for and promote physical activity at school, and how to spread the word about the Active Schools movement.

Receive Exclusive Offers from Our Partners

Our partner organizations want kids to be healthy, get joy out of moving, and develop a lifelong love of physical activity. As a Champion, you can access discounts and special offers on equipment, programs, training, technology solutions and more. You can build your school into an activity-friendly place without breaking the budget.

What Do I Have To Do?

Just sign up. You can take advantage of the offers, participate in a campaign, implement programs, convince others to join, or just add your voice to the cause. Change only happens when enough people demand it. Sign up today, and show that you demand more physical activity and health equity in schools across the country.