Parents and Caregivers are Instrumental in Creating Positive Changes at School

We expect a lot from our kid’s school. We send them out each morning with the hope and expectation that they’ll be challenged academically, cared for socially, nurtured emotionally and encouraged physically. But when competing priorities come into play, it is often the physical aspect of education that gets inadequately prioritized.

By helping schools encourage and promote physical activity, your kids can feel better, work together as a team, reduce anxiety, feel empowered and have a healthy and fun experience. We’ll guide you along as you work with educators to increase physical activity in your child’s school.

When you join the Active Schools movement, you can:

  • Empower your kids to get the movement they need throughout the school day and outside of school
  • Support your school and community with information about resources to make physical activity a key element of whole child education
  • Get involved with campaigns and activities that value and increaase physical activity

Access practical parent/caregiver resources below

Joining The Active Schools Movement Gives You Tools To Help Schools Help Your Kids

Our collective impact partners are leaders in parent engagement with the tools you need to get involved.

Family PE Week

During the campaign, always first week of October, parents are introduced to their child’s physical education program and encouraged to engage throughout the year while being physically active together at home and in the community.

A Guide to Engaging Parents in School Physical Education and Physical Activity: Resources and Examples    

Designed by Active Schools for teachers, individuals, and groups who work with parents, such as physical education teachers, parent/family engagement staff, principals, PTA/PTOs, and school health/wellness committees.

Getting to Know Your Child’s PE Program: A Parent’s Guide

Twelve questions from SHAPE America and National PTA to help parents determine if their child’s physical education program helps students attain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for leading active, healthy lives.

Involve Families in Physical Education and Physical Activity in Schools

This data brief from Springboard to Active Schools describes the state of family engagement in physical activity in schools in the US and identifies key strategies and ideas that parents, school districts and schools can use to improve family engagement.

Tools for Creating an Active Home

The Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) provides games and calendars for families to be active at home and resources to help teachers and parents partner to help students achieve physical education and social and emotional learning outcomes.

Move Your Way, for Parents: Get Your Kids Moving

Tools, videos and fact sheets from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services contain tips for helping your kids get the physical activity they need to grow up strong and healthy.

101 Tips for Family Fitness Fun

Getting 60 minutes of physical activity every day is so much easier when you are doing it with family and friends. Here are some fun ideas from SHAPE America.

Parents for Healthy Kids

Action for Healthy Kids’ Parents for Healthy Kids initiative educates, empowers and engages parents and caregivers in becoming change agents for healthier schools and kids, and supports them in reinforcing healthy habits at home.

What PTAs Can Do to Advocate for Physical Education and Physical Activity    

Practical tips for important actions from addressing physical education standards to conducting a walk/bike to school program to family fitness nights.

News and Resources

Get cutting-edge research, health insights, and the knowledge you need to promote better health outcomes and the Active Schools Movement. View all.

Take the Initiative and Make a Difference

Becoming an Active Schools Champion is a way to make a difference in the health and education of the next generation. It’s how we bring health equity to schools. It’s how we start a movement.