Our Vision

All youth are educated in an active school to enhance learning, health, and well-being.

Our mission is to ensure the integration of evidence-based physical activity programs into every student’s PK-12 education.

To do this, we will establish the standard by which an army of champions implement active school policies, practices, and programs in U.S. schools so youth can receive the physical, social-emotional, and academic benefits of physical activity participation.

Our Core Values

  • Child-centered: Position child health and well-being at the center of active school environments
  • Leadership: Provide national leadership that builds trusting relationships
  • Change: Create demand to catalyze change
  • Empowerment: Empower individuals to serve as Active Schools Champions
  • Accountability: Compel accountability for evidence-based practice that results in positive outcomes for youth

The Bottom Line?

All kids need and deserve the physical, social-emotional, and academic benefits of physical activity participation. Active Schools and its partners are committed to making that happen.

Join the Movement and Increase The Impact

Individuals and organizations can make a difference by joining the movement and adding to our collective impact. The more Champions we have, the more connections that can be made, and the more powerful our voice.

Signing up gets you:

  • Access to free resources to help you promote activity
  • Connections with program partners and donors across the country
  • Information on grants, discounts, and more

Joining comes with no obligations and no requirements. It will give you the tools you need to continue to make an impact.

Annual Reports

Prospectus for Funders

Take the Initiative and Make a Difference

Becoming an Active Schools Champion is a way to make a difference in the health and education of the next generation. It’s how we bring health equity to schools. It’s how we start a movement.