Videos of Administrators Who Provide Active School Environments

Administrators must balance competing demands for how school time is used. Hear from a superintendent and three principals who understand that physical health contributes to academic performance and overall child well-being and have found ways to integrate physical activity into the school day.

Superintendent Wes Watts, West Baton Rouge Parish Schools, LA

Mr. Wes Watts talks about the importance of educating the whole child. (1:03)

Principal Candice Grivet, Stevensville Elementary School, Morgan City, LA

Ms. Candice Grivet explains her passion for providing physical activity opportunities for her students. (1:03)

Principal Donald Sanders, Raintree Preparatory Academy, Baldwin, LA

Mr. Donald Sanders describes how a morning physical activity routine has helped his students’ test scores improve. (1:10)

Principal Kim Cummins, Martin Petitjean Elementary School, Rayne, LA

Ms. Kim Cummins talks about how goal setting helps students stay active and get enough sleep in order to enhance academic performance. (1:10)


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