Kids Say the Coolest Things About Active Classrooms

Answers compiled by multiple teachers at Soaring Heights PK-8 in Erie, CO. 

Active Classrooms Week is December 9-13 and we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about the benefits of classroom physical activity. We know it helps students feel better, work together as a team, reduce anxiety and maintain focus. But why not go straight to the source? We asked four students from our model active school, Soaring Heights PK-8, how they feel about movement in the classroom!

How do you feel when you’ve been sitting too long in class?

Crazy because I want to move! I get tired and can’t focus. – Dayton P., 1st Grade

When I have been sitting for too long in class, I feel tired and start to zone out. – Hannah G., 8th Grade

I feel tired and bored which makes it hard to pay attention. – Kierstin G., 4th Grade

My feet get sour and buzzy. I feel a little tired. – Chien S., 1st Grade

Do any of your classroom teachers include movement in their lessons? What do they do? 

A few of my teachers include movement. We usually play a game that’s new, so it keeps it interesting. I played ninja with my history teacher. – Hannah G., 8th Grade

My math teacher does a math and movement lesson. We do movement every morning first thing and we have two recesses. – Kierstin G., 4th Grade

What movement do you have in your school day?

Go Noodle, relays, tag, inside circuits, Eagle Run, movement breaks which are little parts to refresh your brain. – Chien S., 1st Grade

Just Dance, Go Noodle, sticks, circuit cards, Eagle Run. Movement helps us learn if we have been sitting a long time on the carpet. I feel good about movement.  – Dayton P., 1st Grade

How do movement breaks in class make you feel? 

When I have had a movement break, I feel more focused and ready to learn. They help so much that I use movement breaks when I’m doing homework. – Hannah G., 8th Grade

When I have had a movement break, I feel READY TO LEARN! – Kierstin G., 4th Grade

Refreshed and ready to go! I like it. It gets my body moving. I love when my body is moving. It gets my brain refreshed. – Chien S., 1st Grade

Happy! – Dayton P., 1st Grade

From their mouths to your ears! Active kids learn better!

For more information about Active Classrooms Week including toolkits to help plan and get the word out, visit our Active Classrooms Week page.

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