Why Sports Play an Important Role in Schools

Sports activities are more than just sources of entertainment in schools. Unfortunately, the Aspen Institute reports that less than 4 in 10 high school students participate in sports, and fewer than 25 percent of students meet the recommended level of regular physical activity. While many enjoy watching sports competitions, most students don’t participate due to grade requirements, scheduling conflicts, and structure, among other factors.

Due to low student engagement in sports activities, schools miss out on significant benefits for the institution and students. Here’s why schools should start investing more in sports:

Increases students’ academic performance

Others may think that sports can distract students from academics. However, data shows that these activities can support their learning progress.

Experts state that physically active students have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance, and classroom behaviors. On top of that, students can have better cognitive performance than other students by increasing their physical activity and fitness levels through sports. By engaging students in fun sports activities, schools can increase their student’s educational performance and raise their institution’s rankings when it comes to academics.

It affects the ranking of your school

You can further increase your school’s ranking and admission rates by developing a positive sports culture within your institution.

Students often consider sports and culture when choosing a college because they can finance one’s education through sports scholarships and improve their campus life through social gatherings. As a result, sports activities are a key criterion for world university rankings based on alumni experiences. Likewise, there are also high school rankings that are based on sports, which proves that it’s a crucial factor that can affect the admissions and reputation of your school.

Boosts the health of students

Your school must also invest in sports to improve the well-being of the student body. Sports can be enjoyable for students, which is why these activities can be used to increase their fitness levels.

To address the physical inactivity among students, institutions can create school-based opportunities for students to remain active, such as after-school clubs and sports teams. Your school should try to offer these opportunities around the students’ schedule so they can easily play sports as part of their daily routines. By working around their schedule, schools can make it easier for students to participate in sports and increase their physical activity levels.

Reduces the stress levels of the student body

Besides boosting students’ fitness levels, sports can also help protect their mental and emotional well-being.

Academics can be stressful for many students. Your school can reduce the students’ stress levels by encouraging them to participate in aerobic activities to decrease their tension levels, stabilize their mood, improve their sleep, and boost their self-esteem. Aerobic sports like swimming, cycling, and track and field can stimulate anti-anxiety effects in as fast as five minutes. As such, the sports activities and clubs in school can be a great way to help your students manage their stress levels.

Sports will not distract students from their academic responsibilities. Your students and your school can experience benefits once you increase the sports activities in your school.

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