Cyrus Weinberger is former and founding principal of Red Hawk Elementary School in Erie, Colorado As principal at Red Hawk, Cyrus developed a rigorous academic program coupled with a comprehensive wellness program — which now serves as the model for an online course on classroom physical activity integration, funded by the Colorado Health Foundation.

In 2018, Cyrus opened Soaring Heights PK-8 in the same district. The first Model Active School, Soaring Height students learn through everything kids at other schools do, but with a focus on movement, empathy for others and service.

“Movement and exercise are more than activities at Red Hawk Elementary. They are foundational elements of the school culture. We built physical activity into our plan from day one. Using a rotating daily ‘movement calendar,’ students gain 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity on a daily basis, in addition to scheduled PE class and recess.”

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