Active Classrooms Week aims to shine a spotlight on teachers and schools who incorporate physical activity into classroom learning because research shows ACTIVE KIDS LEARN BETTER!

December 9-13, educators across the country are encouraged to participate in Active Classrooms Week by showcasing ways they integrate physical activity into their classrooms and highlight the positive impact movement has on students. Teachers who don’t generally incorporate movement into classroom learning are encouraged to give it a try.

Share photos, videos, testimonials, ideas or best practices that show the impact movement has on students in a classroom setting using the hashtag #ThisIsYourBrainOnMov

Active Healthy Students Make Better Learners

Movement increases brain function. Physical activity increases blood flow which brings more oxygen, water and glucose to the brain and improves concentration. Physical activity also increases endorphins, which have a positive effect on mood.

Classroom physical activity helps students feel better, work together as a team, reduce anxiety and maintain focus.