Take Your Parent to PE Week
September 25-29, 2017

Active Schools, a national movement to help schools provide at least 60 minutes a day of physical education (PE) and before, during and after school physical activity for all students, is sponsoring the first-ever Take Your Parent to PE Week from September 25-29, 2017.



Active Healthy Students Make Better Learners


How can a school participate?

Just by choosing to! Although we request that you add your name to the list of participating schools at By doing so, you will have access to the free, downloadable Take Your Parent to PE Week logo and poster.


What is the purpose?

To introduce your school’s PE program and teachers to parents so they will engage with PE throughout the year. And, to encourage families to be physically active together at home and in the community.


How can parents participate?

By showing up for your child’s physical education class on one of the days in which the school is participating in Take Your Parent to PE Week. If you haven’t heard anything from your school about their participation in this week, talk to your school’s physical education teachers and principal and encourage them to do so.




  1. How should my school prepare?


  3. 1. Select your dates. We suggest all five days, but you can choose less.
  4. 2. Register below. Also, download the logoposter, and flyer. Or download all media files by clicking the button below.
  5. 3. Invite students’ parents to participate.
  • • Announce it at back-to-school night
  • • Send a letter home; include a blurb in the school, PE, and PTA websites and newsletters
  • • Put it on the school’s outside sign
  • • Hang a banner outside the school’s front entrance
  • • Place signage throughout the school including hallways, office, gym, PTA/parent volunteer room
  • • Put a flyer in students’ take home folders for parents
  • • Make announcements reminding students to invite their parents
  1. 4. Plan outstanding lessons that illustrate learning (knowledge and skill), meaningful practice, and enjoyment – and ideally include parent participation. For ideas, look at OPEN’s Suggested Lesson Packets for K-23-5, 6-8, and 9-12.
  2. 5. Create an environment that showcases your PE program. For example, hang posters, display awards/recognition, decorate a bulletin board, have students make artwork. Consider using these cool parent engagement Academic Language Cards from OPEN.
  3. 6. In preparation for the parent visits, check out the OPEN Forum Podcast on Parent Engagement.
  4. 7. During class, tell parents how they can support PE both at school and home. For example, by asking what their child learned in PE class that day/week, volunteering for special activities/events, being active together at home, and exploring community-based physical activity opportunities.
  5. 8. At the end of class, ask parents to Tweet about their experience using the hashtag #ParentsLovePE. And we hope that you, as PE teacher, will do the same. Including photos would be extra great.
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