The 3rd Annual Take Your Parent to PE Week will take place September 23-27, 2019. During the campaign, parents are introduced to their child’s physical education program and encouraged to engage throughout the year while being physically active together at home and in the community.

Below are toolkits for parents, educators and our partners with all the materials you’ll need to participate.



Active Healthy Students Make Better Learners


How can a school participate?

Just by choosing to! Although we request that you add your name to the list of participating schools at By doing so, you will have access to the free, downloadable Take Your Parent to PE Week logo and poster.


What is the purpose?

To introduce your school’s PE program and teachers to parents so they will engage with PE throughout the year. And, to encourage families to be physically active together at home and in the community.


How can parents participate?

By showing up for your child’s physical education class on one of the days in which the school is participating in Take Your Parent to PE Week. If you haven’t heard anything from your school about their participation in this week, talk to your school’s physical education teachers and principal and encourage them to do so.