Schools Participate to Demonstrate Value of Classroom Physical Activity

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Chicago, December 9, 2019 – This week, schools across the country are participating in Active Classrooms Week. The goal of the campaign from the Active Schools movement is to shine a spotlight on teachers and schools that incorporate physical activity into student learning.

From December 9-13, educators are encouraged to participate in Active Classrooms Week by showcasing ways they integrate physical activity into their classrooms and highlighting the positive impact movement has on students. Teachers who don’t generally incorporate movement into classroom learning are encouraged to give it a try.

“Studies show that active kids learn better. Movement increases brain function. But physical activity doesn’t have to be limited to physical education and recess, it can happen throughout the school day,” said Charlene Burgeson, Executive Director of Active Schools. “The national recommendation is that children get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. What classroom teachers may not realize is that they can incorporate movement into their lessons while simultaneously teaching and reinforcing academic concepts.”

Throughout the week, classroom teachers are encouraged to share their passion for physical activity and encourage their colleagues to get kids moving by sharing photos, videos, testimonials, ideas and best practices that show the impact movement has on students using the hashtag #ThisIsYourBrainOnMovement

“At Lovettsville Elementary School, we know that active kids learn better,” said fourth grade teacher Natalie Deater who utilizes flexible seating to keep her kids active during class. “When students are sitting too long, they begin to lose focus for the topic being discussed. Movement in the classroom can change a student’s mood which then helps them have a more positive attitude about completing their work.” 

There are several ways to incorporate movement into classroom learning including morning wake up activities, brain breaks, active learning and academic instruction, and flexible seating such as sit-stand desks, pedal desks and balance boards.

“When I have been sitting for too long in class, I feel tired and start to zone out,” said Hannah G., an eighth grader at Soaring Heights PK-8 in Erie, CO which is Active Schools’ Model Active School due to their commitment to active learning. “When I have had a movement break, I feel more focused and ready to learn. They help so much that I use movement breaks when I’m doing homework!”

Active Schools and their collective impact partners work year-round to encourage and support schools across the country in creating active classroom environments. From December 17 through February 11, Active Schools will host a no-cost Active Classrooms Webinar Series share strategies and available resources.

“There are already active classrooms in schools across the county and Active Classrooms Week is their chance to shine and inspire others!” added Burgeson. “We can’t wait to see the fun unfold.” 

Active Classrooms Week is a campaign of Active Schools, a collective impact movement that brings together health- and activity- focused organizations from Fortune 500 companies to small nonprofits. Together with these partners, Active Schools gives schools access to resources like programs, trainings and grants to help enrich physical education and classroom curricula, as well as other before- and after-school programs, with the 60 minutes of physical activity all students need every day. As champions for daily school-based physical activity, Active Schools helps parents, educators and decision-makers improve academic outcomes and inspire lifelong healthy habits, ultimately aiming to revolutionize how schools incorporate activity into student learning.

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