Palm Valley Elementary School Wins SPARK Inclusive Physical Education Workshop Contest

Sportime® featuring SPARK™ teamed up with Let’s Move! Active Schools in spring 2017 to host the Inclusive Physical Education (PE) Workshop Contest, a chance for educators to win an inclusive PE workshop, guidebook, and Sportime equipment package. The hands-on workshop provides strategies to create an inclusive environment, adapt activities and equipment, and accommodate students during skill-based instruction.

To be eligible, schools had to be enrolled in Let’s Move! Active Schools and complete an entry form to describe how the workshop would help their school provide a more inclusive PE program. Over 400 schools entered the contest. This year’s Inclusive PE Workshop Contest winner is Palm Valley Elementary School in Litchfield Park, AZ.

Palm Valley Elementary has made a commitment to inclusiveness. In the 2015-16 school year, they implemented “Inclusion Revolution” to create a more inclusive environment throughout the school. The school practices reverse mainstreaming in adapted PE class where non-disabled peers participate as tutors providing physical support and positive social interactions.

While the physical education program has strong administrative support, the school faces challenges with limited professional development for teachers working with students with disabilities. So, “the opportunity for our physical education staff to attend the Inclusive PE Workshop focused on our students with disabilities will be incredibly beneficial. It will help us better meet the needs of all the students that we educate through the creation of a more inclusive environment where students are supported, practice healthy habits, create positive relationships with peers, increase physical activity, and experience success,” says Kelly Jordan, physical education teacher at Palm Valley Elementary. “The hope is that the successes and the acceptance of students with disabilities will continue throughout the rest of our schools and in the entire school district, which in turn will make a positive impact into our community.” 

The total value of this meaningful prize is $3,500. Palm Valley Elementary is planning their workshop for September so that the teachers can begin implementing the SPARK™ Inclusive PE resources in the new school year.



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