Orca K-8 School Students Win NBA FIT Day

On November 13, Orca K-8 School (Seattle Public Schools District) students dribbled, shot and shuffled under the tutelage of some of basketball’s greatest. NBA legend Lenny Wilkens (nine-time NBA All-Star) and current standout Temeka Johnson (Seattle Storm point guard) led an NBA FIT clinic at the school, driving home the importance of physical activity and healthy choices.

Orca K-8 School was recently announced as the grand prize winner in the 2014 NBA and Let’s Move! Active Schools contest, and its students and staff were rewarded with this special opportunity. Throughout the day, approximately 450 students participated in fitness and basketball skills stations, and learned new physical activity tips and ideas.

David Couture, Health and Physical Education teacher and Let’s Move! Active Schools champion, at Orca K-8 coordinated the event:

“I have never seen my students move so much in an assembly. Our students – from the middle school students down to the kindergarten students – were active nearly the entire time. Mr. Lenny Wilkens gave an inspiring, age-appropriate speech which emphasized character, hard work and perseverance. I feel incredibly lucky that our students and staff were able to participate in such an engaging event.”

The NBA and Let’s Move! Active Schools teamed up last January to promote active learning environments where kids get 60 minutes of physical activity before, during and after the school day. To forward this charge, the NBA launched a contest encouraging teachers, administrators and parents to sign up for Let’s Move! Active Schools. Each person who signed up during the promotional period (January-April 2014), and joined the contest, was entered into the drawing.

As part of the grand prize package, the Orca K-8 also received an NBA/WNBA FIT kit with jump ropes, Spalding basketballs, floor spots, cones, bean bags, agility hurdles, ladder and an equipment bag to help sustain the momentum of the event and to keep students moving throughout the year. 

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