10,000 U.S. Schools are Moving More! Is Yours?

Posted by Dominique Dawes, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Co-Chair on October 9, 2014

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On February 28, 2013, First Lady Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move! Active Schools, a solution to ensure that 60 minutes of physical activity is the norm in schools across America. As co-chair of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, I am excited to share that just one school year later, Let’s Move! Active Schools is celebrating the milestone of reaching over 10,000 schools across 50 states and impacting more than 5 million students.

Let’s Move! Active Schools is built to make a difference in the lives of kids we care about, ultimately inspiring our nation’s youth to reach their greatest potential and to adopt a lifetime of healthy habits.

It’s working:  

  • 10,000+ Schools Enrolled
  • 12,000+ Let’s Move! Active Schools Champions
  • 5 million+ Kids Impacted
  • 19 School Districts Fully Enrolled
  • 698 2014 Let’s Move! Active Schools National Recognition Awardees

By 2018, Let’s Move! Active Schools hopes to engage half of the schools in the country by helping over 25 million kids integrate physical activity into their daily lives. The best part is that Let’s Move! Active Schools is free to all those willing to be school champions. It provides school leaders and teachers with the resources, including a customized action plan, to achieve an active learning environment.

Still not convinced? See what students have to say: 


If your school or your child’s school isn’t currently part of the movement, visit www.letsmoveschools.org to get in the game.

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Becoming an Active Schools Champion is a way to make a difference in the health and education of the next generation. It’s how we bring health equity to schools. It’s how we start a movement.